I am a portrait photographer, specializing in uniquely nerdy portraits – I want to bring out the side of my subjects that traditional portraits tuck away and hide. I want to put a lightsaber in their hands, toss them a tricorder, see the wand choose them.

My personal projects tend to be about stories. I am an avid reader and occasional writer, and I get a lot of my inspiration from science fiction and fantasy novels. I love stories and the things they represent to me and to the rest of the world. I also really enjoy exploring the themes of love (romantic, lust, friendship, family, and everything in between) and of “good” (especially when they both intersect with other things, like King Arthur).

I live life by the lowest common denominator¬†and try to do what I can to help others along those respects. While I love Toronto (and I do – born, raised, and don’t think I could move anywhere else) I love to travel. Most of my travelling is pretty short-range, into upstate New York and into New England, but after spending a month in Scotland for a charity walk that I organized in 2012 I’m dying to go back.